Polymathic Monthly Issue 46: Inner Rings, Business Moats, and Berlin.

Photo by Levin on Unsplash

A few things I’ve learned over this year/decade(?) that we’ve just experienced:

  1. Never underestimate the capacity of people to…(fill in the action, good or evil).
  2. We, our society, have collectively lost our capacity to take or handle uncomfortable feedback.
  3. Our systems are complex but we, collectively, mistook them for just merely complicated.
  4. Our capacity to discount the long term benefits of our present-day actions will be our undoing.
  5. We are all, almost at the same time, coming to the realization of how little is within our individual control.
  6. Sometimes, money is actually the solution.
  7. The US is the home of temporal discounting. And we, the people, are participants and victims alike.
  8. According to Michel, the wisdom of crowds, in this America that we live in, is a fallacy.

This issue is free, my attempt at spreading some holiday cheer (so please share!). You’ll read about Strong Towns and the small elements of design that are everywhere in our cities in 99% Invisible Cities. You’ll read some great speeches including one by CS Lewis, a gut-wrenching short story/poem by Shemaiah Gonzalez, and a paradigm-shifting novel by Akwaeki Amezi.

There’ll most likely be another Polymathic Monthly before the end of the year as I reading 3 fascinating books in various stages of completion.

Merry Christmas and I hope you get some time off to read the PM this month, it’s been curated (as always) with love…

Be well,


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